The Ripple Effect

Bee enjoying fresh Lavender flowers

The Ripple Effect.

It is widely recognised that parenting within the 21st Century is harder than it has ever been before.  Gone are the close knit family groups our ancestors and tribal counterparts were used to, and in its place we are left with differing expert advice, often located miles away from our home towns, left isolated without the support of our older family members, all while trying to navigate the ever increasing demands of our 21st Century Life.

Across the world, it is a totally different story, parents are cared for supported.  In India, mothers who have just given birth are taken away for forty days, left to nurture, bond and connect with their babies in a bubble, while their mother in law takes care of the usual chores of day to day life and the other women of the village help with the older children and take turns to massage and care for the birthing mother.

It is no wonder therefore, that Western mothers and fathers, are becoming increasingly burnt out.  With so much social pressure to ‘bounce back’ after birth and so much conflicting advice more and more parents are struggling through what should be a magical time and rates of Postnatal depression and anxiety in the West have rocketed.

We at Breathing Love are passionate about changing this.  We truly believe that no mother or father should have to navigate parenthood feeling alone or isolated.  Our Village inspired by Blossom and Berry’s  Love Create Love Group  helps to build a sense of community and connections between parents which can provide support.  By connecting with others, we are able to gain support, lift each other and parent as nature intended with a village.

Through our online community village and our  Love Creates Love group we can share love and connection and create a sense of belonging which is invaluable.  Come along to our monthly group or sign up to our Facebook page Breathing Love: The Ripple Effect for support, advice and guidance and let the love ripple out.  For more details contact us or check us out on Facebook.