Baby Massage

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Baby Massage – How can it help?

For many years massage has been used throughout societies to develop connection and communicate love and security through positive touch and we are so pleased to be able to offer this  wonderful and special gift that you can share with your baby. Babies crave skin contact with touch being your baby’s most developed sense at birth.  Through positive touch you can communicate love, security and trust to your baby immediately, calming them, soothing them and giving them the gift of relaxation.

Baby massage will allow you to understand your baby’s subtle non verbal language and develop your ability to listen to your baby through the creation of a special intimate time together. By observing your babies cues and responding to them, it can help you learn what your baby is communicating to you and give you the tools to respond.

When you massage your baby you lay down the foundations of trust and security which will help you to build a happy and confident relationship with your baby for the future.
The benefits of baby massage are not just for infancy. Massage helps you tune in and listen to a child, lets you observe your child’s cues and become responsive to his/her needs. Through positive and reciprocal interaction parents can fulfil a baby or child’s emotional needs and help to create a loving secure attachment which studies now show is vital to enable healthy brain development. When we teach love to children, we are teaching that the world is a loving place and helping to create a strong and secure emotional blueprint from which he/she can use to build other relationships. Consistent and repetitive care is seen to be the key factor (Bowlby 1969).

Specific benefits for you and your baby include:

  • Baby massage can help relieve wind, colic, constipation, teething and much more
  • Baby Massage may help create and develop the bond between you and your baby
  • Baby Massage provides relaxation for you both
  • Baby Massage stimulates and supports your baby’s physical, emotional and social development

Baby Massage opens so many doors for parents, not only helping to ease the transition for the baby from the womb into our world but by attending a baby massage class parents are taught to rely on their instincts and given the opportunity to join our village for love, support and guidance.


What’s Included:

Courses take place over four weeks and cost £43.  This includes your handouts and oils as well as a specially developed routine designed to help babies suffering with digestion issues and colic, as well as strokes for every area of the body.

Each week we work on a different area, while repeating the strokes learned previously; building up to incorporate the whole routine.  We give you the knowledge and the confidence to take your learning home and incorporate it into your daily routine with your baby.

By signing up with us, you also gain access to our online community, which includes free videos and tips on how to massage your baby and enjoy relaxation for yourselves.




Classes take place at Watchfield Village Hall, Watchfield,  on a Thursday from 1:15pm-2:30 and are suitable for babies from 8 weeks old.

To book or for more information please contact us or call Catherine on 07904955471 or alternatively you can book and pay through PayPal using the link below.

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