Sleep, Settle and Soothe

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The Natural Soothe, Settle and Sleep Program

This program uses massage, movement/yoga, aromatherapy, and settling techniques to help soothe unsettled babies.  Becoming a parent can be overwhelming; having to learn new skills “on the job” whilst riding an emotional roller coaster and being sleep deprived, we aim to help ease the transition from the womb to the world, working with you all to help you learn coping strategies and techniques to help settle your baby so you can all get a good nights rest.
All babies are different and it can be difficult to predict their behaviour. Coping with the transition to this world can be hard for a newborn baby. The world is a large, noisy and overwhelming place compared to the comfort of  the womb. It is full of  potential stresses and dangers. Babies need the protection, love and comfort of  their parents and have developed a range of  behaviours to achieve this.
Our society has a mixed approach to baby care and parenting styles. Fashions change and shape the way we behave. This Program uses simple instinctive techniques to help soothe, settle and calm baby.  Through the use of baby massage, baby yoga, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques we will give you the tools for coping and settling a fractious baby.  The program offers specific advice for relieving common conditions in young babies, such as teething, colic, constipation and colds.  It gives you specific suggestions for settling your babies and helping them to sleep better.  This Program doesn’t involve having to buy expensive equipment, toys and stimulation devices, instead it will give you the skills to help you relax your child for life. The methods we suggest will help to further and develop the bond you have with your child using touch to facilitate communication and understanding. The Program will help build confidence in your ability as a parent and help you respond to your child’s desire for touch and close nurturing.

The course is run as a private one off workshop in your own home.  The session lasts 90 minutes and includes oil and handouts at a cost of £45.

Discounts are available for group bookings. Please contact us to enquire or call Catherine on 07904 955471.