Baby Yoga

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Baby Yoga – How does it help?

Baby Yoga is based on the principles of adult yoga with breathing, stretching and relaxation all included in this unique class. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to come and take some time out with your baby, learning together, relaxing together and connecting.  Through a diverse program we work with babies and their parents, allowing time for both to receive the wonderful benefits yoga can provide.  Our Baby Yoga classes help to get babies to stretch and move and to discover their abilities and bodies, while Parents also practice gentle yoga stretches specifically designed to help promote relaxation and ease tension and help the body recover after birth. Yoga helps balance the body and mind and can help boost circulation and digestion, strengthen joints and muscles, and encourage removal of waste and toxins in the body.

Baby Yoga is a fantastic way to support your baby’s development by improving muscle strength and tone, co ordination, and balance. It is also a wonderful way to bond with your baby and have fun together. It encourages instinctive parenting and promotes many well- used techniques for calming, soothing and reassuring baby. A session of baby yoga stimulates all baby’s body systems and helps to integrate all of baby’s senses. Baby Yoga sessions use fun rhymes and songs to help you learn the simple movements and to help relax baby.

Benefits Include:

Enhances bonding between carer and baby.
Develops mind, body awareness and co-ordination.
Strengthens and tones muscles.
Can alleviate trapped wind, constipation and colic.
Teaches positive loving touch.
Helps parents/carers recognise their baby’s cues and respond and communicate more effectively.
Promotes positive baby handling.
Promotes relaxation in parent and baby and can aid sleep.


What’s Included:

Baby yoga classes run over a five week term which costs £48.  This is inclusive of handouts.  Sessions are 90 minutes long, with refreshments provided after class, in order for parents and their babies to connect with each other.  By signing up with us, you also gain access to our online community, which includes ongoing advice and  support as well as videos and updates to help you feel confident to practice yoga at home with your babies, and relaxation videos for you to help strengthen your own well being and help with the anxieties and pressures of modern parenting.


Classes take place at the Watchfield Village Hall, Watchfield on a Thursday Morning 10-12 and are suitable for babies from 8 weeks old until walking.

Contact us to book your space or call 07904955471 or book directly using PayPal through the link below.

Next Course:

15th June 2017 – 13th July 2017.