Newborn Confidence Workshops

Bee enjoying fresh Lavender flowers

Newborn Confidence Workshops

This unique course designed for parents to be covers a five minute baby massage routine suitable for new-borns, advice and techniques to help with wind, colic and unsettled babies, pregnancy relaxation plus general information on calming and connecting with baby.

The course focuses on the importance of responsive parenting to help enable strong and positive bonds and attachment. It covers anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and infancy, attachment theory, infant/child psychology and the benefits of positive touch for children in all forms. The course enables discussion and sharing of ideas on the importance of relaxation in pregnancy and adjusting to parenthood.

This course is unique and brings together many disciplines which help to empower parents and promotes the idea of responsive parenting, positive communication and secure attachment. It also helps parents to be make connections and networks with others in a supportive and friendly environment. The course is not a birth preparation course or ante natal course, rather its focus is on building parental confidence in adjusting to a new role and feeling confident in meeting your baby’s’ needs. Where this was once offered by Midwives in hospitals or Grandparents in the homes this is now sadly lacking in the current support services offered before and after birth.

“I wish I had known all this information before I had my first baby. It all makes so much sense and I feel more confident now with a greater understanding of my next baby’s behaviour” LP

The course is in great demand by parents and will help enhance your knowledge and understanding of what your baby really wants and needs..

This course is only available in our Shrivenham location.  Pease contact Catherine 0n 07904 955471 for further details.