Love Creates Love Campaign

Bee enjoying fresh Lavender flowers

Love Creates Love with Blossom and Berry.

We are part of an amazing campaign to promote the importance of bonding, love and secure attachment for babies, children and parents and are one of a number of groups across the country helping to promote these values through information, sharing and positive interaction.  We invite you to attend our monthly coffee mornings and experience for yourselves the positive effects of love in our community.

Through this message we can share love and connection and create a sense of belonging which is invaluable in today’s world.

By helping and supporting each other as we move through our parenting journeys, the positive energy that is created can flow through us to our children, building our connection and bond and ensuring our children learn the values of love, positivity and relaxation through us.

The message from Blossom and Berry, which we are proud to endorse is, “Be Love”. Be an example in your thoughts, words and action. Choose love everyday. Take the loving option in all you do and bring love into the world.


Join us for our next coffee morning on Thursday 7th June 10-12 am.

We will be teaching a baby massage routine and offering a free hand/foot massage for parents/carers.

All brought to you free with tea, cake and love xx