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10689513_385575134954283_6865475812468730536_n“Both myself and my partner would recommend this course to anyone who is having a baby.  The support from Catherine and Sheelah has been essential in improving our confidence towards birthing.  Any anxieties we did feel are now no longer there.  We can’t thank Breathing Love enough for the kind and encouraging ways they have taught us to look at birth.”

Jess Watts, Mummy to Grace

“Before the course I knew that most labours are totally normal and uncomplicated but i was still very focused on everything that could possibly go wrong and convinced myself this would happen to me.  The course gave me the tools to believe that I would have a normal and natural birth and steered me away from negative thoughts.  As an instructor I found you very professional and your calmness rubbed off on me.  I also felt that you genuinely cared for my experience and wanted the birth to be the very best it could possibly be.  I also have to give it to you for handling a skeptical Si extremely well.  And, may i add, he is no longer as skeptical.  I was also very pleased to find that, unlike some midwifes and health visitors, you were very respectful and supportive of my own individual choices when it came to for instance feeding my baby.  This made me feel confident and strengthened my belief that I could actually take ownership of this birth experience and the first time after which made it a very, very joyous time.”

“I absolutely believe that HypnoBirthing is something that all women should have the right to be informed about and try.  It gives you the tools to let you trust in your own body and go into labour and experience childbirth with excitement and joy!  I cannot recommend you enough to my pregnant friends and I have to say the relaxation techniques goes far beyond labour.  I’ve found them useful in various situations to compose myself and regain calm.”

Ebba Carvel, Second time Mummy to Edith

“Catherine has been so supportive and amazing throughout the course.  It has taught me some great relaxation techniques and has helped me release my fears from my last birth experience and understand the possibility why it turned out that way.  I wish the course had been longer as I looked forward to it every week.  I would highly recommend this course to all new Mums, first time or second onwards.  It really opens your eyes to what can be achieved so naturally in labour and how empowered it can make you feel.  The sessions in themselves are so relaxing.  Thank you Catherine for being so amazing!”

Katie Wilson, Second time Mummy to Alexander

“Thank you so much for taking us on the HypnoBirthing journey.  We feel so much more confident and empowered to have a calm and natural birth thanks to your guidance.”

Sophie  and Rhodri Thomas, Mummy and Daddy to Huw

“We have loved Baby yoga.  The guided relaxation is a wonderful chance to take a moment for yourself which otherwise you wouldn’t have,  Sometimes with a tetchy baby, an hour and a half is a long time, but Catherine makes you feel at ease with changing and feeding.  I wish I could come every week.  Thank you so much.”

Holly Brewer, Mummy to Peggy